M I C H A E L   G E L L A T L Y

ver this past year, I've been working on a series of fully embellished maps for George R.R. Martin's upcoming book, The World of Ice and Fire, to be published by Random House.This series includes the nine Regions of Westeros, the city of King's Landing, and the Known World. By contract, these maps cannot go public until the release of the book, hence, their absence from the site.

The current map projects within the fantasy, science fiction, historical, and contemporary genres, have me working as a cartographer - with or without borders. Similarly, the work I've been doing with botanicals, has me acting as a botanist - with or without plants.

Being hybrids, the poetry and the magic can be seen in the juxtaposition, where the content can be understood in the overall information rendered. As for the presence of all the cats and dogs in the Fiction gallery, I annually illustrate Rita Mae Brown's, Sneaky Pie Brown murder mysteries, also published by Random House.

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